MOODZ Fire Bowls Feet & Handle

Available in diameters 60, 80, and 100 cm.

The tough and robust fire bowls Feet & Handle are equipped with two handles. The fire bowls stand on three legs and are therefore easy to move.

Specifications: Corten Steel

Type:                           Feet & Handle
Color:                          Rusty brown
Material:                     Corten Steel
Thickness material:    3 mm

Dimensions and weight:

FB.010 Ø60 cm H 23,5 cm 10 kg
FB.011 Ø80 cm H 23,5 cm 16 kg
FB.012 Ø100 cm H 23,5 cm 24 kg

Specifications: Stainless Steel

Type:                           Feet & Handle
Color:                          Grey
Material:                     Stainless Steel
Thickness material:    3 mm

Dimensions and weight:

FB.017RVS Ø60 cm H 23,5 cm 11 kg
FB.018RVS Ø80 cm H 23,5 cm 16 kg
FB.019RVS Ø100 cm H 23,5 cm 26 kg