If you want more atmosphere and warmth in your garden, a MOODZ fire bowl could be the solution. Within the MOODZ range, you will find fire bowls in different sizes, but also frames that will fit your fire bowl. Which combination fits your garden? Discover all the possibilities in the MOODZ range and read on quickly for our tips.

Choose the type of material

The MOODZ collection consists of corten steel fire bowls and stainless steel fire bowls. Which do you prefer?

Corten steel is known for its robust appearance with a brown-orange rust colour. These fire bowls are 3 mm thick and of solid quality. Corten steel will never rust through. It is a durable material that is perfect for outdoor use. These fire bowls go well with a natural garden with lots of greenery. Note: it could be that your fire bowl may not (yet) have the brown-orange rust colour, but don’t worry, this will come quickly when you put the fire bowl outside and start using it.

On the other hand, stainless steel fire bowls are also pleasing to the eye. These classic-looking fire bowls have a grey/silver colour and a unique look. The fire bowls will look great in a quiet garden with modern elements. Stainless steel is rustproof but please note that the fire bowls may discolour to yellow/orange after use due to frequent contact with high temperatures.

Choose the fire bowl model

There are two types of fire bowls available, the MOODZ Classic fire bowl and the Feet & Handle fire bowl. The name says it all, the MOODZ Classic fire bowl is the first model with a round foot under the fire bowl. The MOODZ Feet & Handle fire bowl, on the other hand, stands on 3 legs and has 2 handles making it easy to move. Take a good look at where you want to place the firebowl in the garden and what combination suits it best!

Choose the size of the fire bowl

Apart from the material and model, MOODZ’s fire bowls are available in different sizes. The fire bowls are available from 60 cm and go up to 150 cm! For a small garden, a 60 or 80 cm fire bowl is perfectly suited. Do you want to impress and do you have room for a larger fire bowl? Then a 100, 120 or even 150 cm can become the eye-catcher of your garden.

Choose a frame for your garden fire bowl

Last but not least, there are special frames available for under your fire bowl (the MOODZ Classic fire bowl) to better protect your patio from the heat released. The bases are available in star and square shapes and you can choose between two types of materials, carbon steel or stainless steel. Please note: the bases do not fit under the Feet & Handle fire bowls and are not available for every size.

Change! The fire bowl frames themselves can be placed in the garden in different ways. Both bases can be turned around.

Have you become enthusiastic about all the possibilities? Then take a quick look at the collection and create your own combination! You can then easily find a dealer near you on our website.

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