If you thought your fire bowl was the centrepiece of cosiness, we have a surprise for you. The latest addition to our range, the MOODZ pedestal for fire bowls, takes your fire experience to the next level!

A stylish elevation
Picture this: an atmospheric evening in the garden, the crackling sound of burning wood, and at the centre is your MOODZ fire bowl. Now, imagine this fire bowl enriched by the MOODZ pedestal. This corten steel pedestal, with its warm (rust) brown colour, does more than just serve as a sturdy base; it adds a touch of class to your outdoor space.

The magic of Corten steel
Be enchanted by the magic of Corten steel. Like the MOODZ fire bowls themselves, the plinth will discolour as time passes. The (rust) brown patina that forms not only adds a unique character, but also makes the plinth resistant to the elements. A piece of functionality with a touch of art!

The MOODZ fire bowl base with fire bowl in garden

Practical and durable
The MOODZ plinth is not only a visually attractive addition to your garden, but also a practical one. With an area of 45 x 45 cm, the plinth offers the perfect elevation for fire bowls of up to 100 cm. Whether you want to bake, grill or simply enjoy the play of fire, this plinth is ready for you. Read more about the specifications here.

Easy to assemble
The plinth comes in a handy flat package, but don’t worry – assembly is easy. With the simple fixings included in the box, you click the side panels together effortlessly, and voila, you have a sturdy plinth. Weighing almost 30 kg, the plinth stands like a house, allowing your fire bowl to show off stably and safely on top.

Product picture of the MOODZ fire bowl base with the fire bowl on top

Add a touch of elegance to your fire experience with the MOODZ Base. Let your firebowl shine at eye level, baking with a plancha or grill becomes a breeze, and enjoy the heat on a whole new level. Easy to assemble, durable and stylish – the MOODZ pedestal is the perfect companion for your firebowl adventures. Enrich your outdoor space with this elevated joy and embrace warmth in style.

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