More and more products are made of the popular corten steel type. Think of garden fences, flower pots, and art objects. MOODZ’s collection also includes corten steel fire bowls! Yet this type of steel will not be familiar to everyone. In this blog, we explain more about corten steel and its benefits.

What is corten steel?

Corten steel is a type of steel containing copper and is also known as weather-resistant steel. Characteristic features of this type of steel include its brown-orange rust colour and its long lifespan. The lifespan is so long because the first layer of corrosion prevents further corrosion, making painting unnecessary and maintenance very low. The more you use a fire bowl, the more beautiful it becomes. In the MOODZ corten steel collection, you will find 2 types of fire bowls: the Classic Firebowl and the Feet & Handle Firebowl. The Feet & Handle fire bowl stands on 3 legs and has 2 handles, making it easy to move.

An important property of Corten steel is that the material will not rust through and can therefore be left outside in all weathers. Its strength is comparable to that of other alloy steels such as stainless steel. Because its composition is different from ordinary steel, the price of corten steel is normally a bit higher than normal steel.

Corten steel fire bowls

MOODZ Outdoor Living’s fire bowls are made of 3 mm thick corten steel. Because of the strength of corten steel, the fire bowls will not rust through and can remain outside in all weathers. Besides their long lifespan, the bowls also look beautiful in the garden. They have a robust and sturdy appearance, making them a real eye-catcher in your garden. But be careful, because the fire bowls can give off rust.

A MOODZ fire bowl is perfect in a corner of your garden or as the centrepiece of your garden or terrace. If you choose the Feet & Handle version, you can easily move it with the handles attached to the fire bowl. Do you want to protect your terrace from the heat? Then you can also add a fire bowl frame to your MOODZ fire bowl. This protects the surface better and immediately creates a different look.

Please note! Sometimes a corten steel fire bowl is not delivered directly with a rust look. This may seem untrue, but nothing could be further from the truth. As soon as you place the garden fire bowl outside, humidity, use and/or rain will cause the first layer of corrosion to appear. Often, the manufacturer delivers the fire bowls with a recognisable layer of rust, but it also happens that the steel is still smooth and the first “rust” has yet to appear. Don’t worry, this is a property of corten steel. The rust will form quickly.

Do you want your fire bowl to rust faster? Then first degrease the corten steel with cleaning agent. This removes the wax layer from the corten steel. Then dissolve about three tablespoons of salt in 10 litres of warm water. Use a watering can to pour the salt solution generously over the Corten steel. Within a few days, the Corten steel will start to turn a beautiful orange.  

With the MOODZ fire bowls collection, we offer robust corten steel designs that have a long lifespan. Do you have any questions about corten steel or would you like more information about our fire bowls? Then get in touch with us. 

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