How nice is it to be able to sit in the garden by a cosy fire? While enjoying a snack and a drink, you can enjoy the dancing flames by a robust MOODZ fire bowl. Ideal isn’t it? There are various fire bowls available, which can make it difficult to choose. We would like to help you in this blog by giving 3 tips on what to look out for when buying a fire bowl.

Tip 1: Choose the right size fire bowl

When buying a fire bowl, it is important to choose the right size that fits your garden. In a larger garden, the 100, 120 and 150 cm fire bowls fit nicely. But do you have a smaller garden? Then you can think about a 60 or 80 cm fire bowl. The MOODZ collection includes fire bowls ranging from 60 to 150 cm! So you can find a fire bowl in a suitable size for every garden. Of course, you can also combine fire bowls and place several eye-catchers in your garden. Check out our collection to get a complete picture of the different possibilities in fire bowls.

Tip 2: Consider which material suits your garden

Besides the size of a fire bowl, you can also choose from various materials. The material of the fire bowl is important for the look of your garden. The MOODZ range includes corten steel and stainless steel fire bowls, both popular materials for garden decoration.

Corten steel

Fire bowls made of corten steel are suitable if you are looking for a robust design in your garden. Corten steel is known as a weather-resistant, durable steel and can therefore remain outdoors in all weathers. Characteristic features of corten steel include its brown-orange rust colour and its long lifespan. The lifespan is so long because the first layer of corrosion prevents further corrosion, making painting unnecessary and maintenance low. Note: Our fire bowls may not always be delivered in a rust look right away. Don’t worry, this is a property of corten steel. As soon as the fire bowl is outside and exposed to weather conditions, the rusting process will begin. Your fire bowl will have a beautiful brown-orange rust colour in no time. And the more you use the fire bowl, the more beautiful it gets!

Stainless Steel

Besides the corten steel fire bowls, we also offer a range of stainless steel fire bowls. With a fire bowl made of stainless steel, you really bring a chic decoration to your garden thanks to its sleek and modern look. Both when the fire is on and when it is not burning, the shiny material creates a beautiful atmosphere. Fire bowls made of stainless steel are rustproof, however, they can discolour to yellow/orange over time due to contact with high temperatures.

Tip 3: Think about your patio or surface

When your fire bowl is lit, the bowl naturally becomes very hot. The surface you place the fire bowl on can be affected as a result. The grass from the garden may burn or burn marks may appear on your bricks. With the MOODZ fire bowl frames, you can make sure your surface stays clean. You can place your fire bowl on an elevation and thereby protect it from the released heat. You can choose from two different bases: the Feet Star and the Feet Square. The name says it all, one base is made in a star shape and the other base is a square. Both bases from MOODZ are available in stainless steel or carbon steel. Combine your fire bowl with a base of your choice and create a unique piece.

With these tips, we hope to help you in your search for a fire bowl. In the MOODZ collection, you will find different types of high-quality fire bowls. Because of the diversity, there is always a fire bowl that suits you! If you are interested in a MOODZ fire bowl, you can find a shop to buy it from on our dealer page.

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