Stylish, tough and robust fire bowls of high quality
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With the MOODZ fire bowls you get a real eye-catcher in your garden.

With a diameter of 60, 80, 100, 120 or 150 cm and made of no less than 3 mm thick Corten steel or high-quality stainless steel, these great fire bowls are guaranteed to provide many atmospheric evenings.

The MOODZ fire bowls are available in different diameters, so there is always a fire bowl that fits in your garden!

Get to know the MOODZ fire bowls

Discover the MOODZ collection

The MOODZ collection consists of several fire bowls and frames

Fire Bowls Classic

The classic fire bowls are a real eye-cather in every garden

Fire Bowls Stainless Steel

 These stainless steel fire bowls are a great decoration in your garden

Fire Bowls Feet & Handle

The Feet & Handle is equipped with two handles and three legs

Fire Bowl Frames

The frames will protect your terrace against the released heat from the fire bowls

The MOODZ fire bowls fit in every garden

Whether you have a modern or a classic garden, with a fire you can create a nice atmosphere everywhere.

And the MOODZ fire bows make that even easier. There is a MOODZ fire bowl for everyone. Big, small, low or on legs. In a tough rust colour or in modern stainless steel. There is a perfect fire bowl for every style.

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